Thoughts & Rants of a Behavior Scientist

Punishment on Trial in Behavior Analysis

May 06, 2023 Dr. Paul "Paulie" Gavoni Season 1 Episode 18
Thoughts & Rants of a Behavior Scientist
Punishment on Trial in Behavior Analysis
Show Notes

There have been a lot of concerns about the use of punishment regarding the appropriateness and effectiveness of it as a behavior-change tool. And rightfully so, as the use of punishment can have a number of unintended side effects like emotional distress, retaliation, R- of undesired behaviors, the suppression of other adaptive behaviors, and more. In addition, the use of punishment raises questions related to individual rights, autonomy, consent, and assent.

Given the dangers inherent in punishment, is it avoidable? In other words, is it possible to live in a society where there is no punishment? Or are some forms of punishment acceptable to use sometimes? If so, what kind of punishment and when? And how can we design punishment procedures to ensure they are ethical?

In this episode, Steve Ward, David Roth, and I tackle the controversial topic as we try to answer these questions and more!

Show Notes:

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